Super Mario Run is Almost Here!

Guys, were almost there! Isn’t this super exciting?

We don’t know about you but we’re super excited that we’re finally going to be able to play the latest installment in Mario franchise in just a couple of days! Now, we are aware that hype like this usually works against the player and most of the time you end up disappointed with the product simply because your expectations were too high and we pretty much asked for the impossible but, we can’t help but be hyped for better or for worse.

Speaking of hype, have you seen the new commercial?


Pretty cool if you ask us. It’s pretty obvious that Pokemon Go marketing team was the one that did it. It does exactly what it needs to do. Raise the hype and advertise the product in the best way possible. But enough about the hype…

If you want to be the first to know about Super Mario Run once it releases it is now possible to “subscribe” to Nintendo mobiles newsletter of sorts which will get you notified as soon as the game launches which is 15th of December.

It is now finally (and officially) been revealed that the game will have 3 playable modes that will differ from each other.


The first mode is your typical campaign or “story mode” so to speak. It has been officially revealed that there are 6 worlds in total with 24 uniquely designed levels. For some reason Nintendo never misses the opportunity to remind us that these levels are intended for one-handed play. That kind of creeps us out to be completely honest but for the sake of our younger readers let’s not get into that now.


Next up we have Toad Rally. This is a model that will serve a more competitive purpose. In Toad Rally your aim is to challenge and possibly defeat your opponent. The aim here is to score as high as possible by performing stylish moves and making as little as possible to no mistakes at all. This will earn you the highest score possible and get you cheers from nearby toads which may even choose to come live in your kingdom as an ultimate reward.

It is also said that this mode will require a special item in order to play. A token of kind which can be obtained in a number of ways. We sincerely hope’s tokens will not be separate purchase and that they will be 100% obtainable from within the game.


Third and the last mode is called Kingdom Builder. Perhaps the most exciting and innovative addition to this game is the ability to make your own kingdom. The official Nintendo statement is that there are over 100 kinds of items accessible in the Kingdom builder though what this actually means is still not very clear to us, or anybody for that matter.


The aim here is to create a unique kingdom using coins that you’ve come across while playing World Tour and Toad Rally. Friendly toads who have cheered on you during Toad Rally will help you make your kingdom bigger and better so make sure you leave none unimpressed!


Other than the game modes Nintendo has also revealed that we will be able to play as some of our favorite characters from the Mario universe like Luigi, Yoshi or even as a Toad. This is a nice little touch it added to the game and we hope to see even more customizable and unique characters added later.


Will make sure to let you know should anything new comes out related to Super Mario Run. Until then, we guess we’ll be holding our breaths waiting for it since it’s “this” close to releasing. We can barely wait!

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