The Origin of Super Mario


Mention super Mario anywhere to anybody in the world and they are going to recognize it as the most iconic ever character in a video game across all time. Absolutely no mistake there. If you think back and try to remember your earliest childhood memories of this plumber(initially imagined as a carpenter) hero you will most likely think about the first game called simply Super Mario. A simple side scrolling platformer game where you run and jump across obstacles in order to reach the ending of a level. However, quite contrary to the popular belief that is not where Mario originated from. In fact we first appeared in a video game he was not in fact even called Mario and the game itself wasn’t one of the same franchise.

This is probably of little to no surprise for hardened super Mario fans but it’s definitely a be a slap across the face for everybody not so familiar with our favorite plumber’s history.

First time Mario actually appeared on screen was in fact in a game called Donkey Kong back in the early 1981. The name Mario only came after the game turn out to be very successful and he was in fact called Mr. Video initially but that was quickly changed and the name Jumpman was used instead.

Jumpman (who was ironically supposed to be unable to jump back then) was navigating across platforms, climbing ladders while successfully evading traps all in order to save a damsel in distress that was named Pauline. That’s right, not Princess Peach, Pauline.

It’s hard to believe that Mario only came into existence as we know it today because the series creator Shigeru Miyamoto was originally unable to acquire a license for use of characters that he wanted to use initially. Now believe it or not, those characters were initially Popeye, Bluto and Popeye’s beloved Olive Oyl.

What’s even more interesting is that if the main antagonist (if we can even classify him as an antagonist) was in fact none other than Donkey Kong himself. Yes, the Donkey Kong, iconic gorilla hero from the game with the same name. Quite an unusual set of circumstances under which these two have initially met, so to say. Later, they became two of the most iconic characters in the two of the most iconic video games ever made in the late 80s and early 90s era and have stayed quite popular and busy during these past couple of years.

Ever since then Super Mario appeared in over two hundred video games and super Mario is the best ever selling video game franchise of all time. With astounding two hundred and ten million units of all the franchise entries sold cumulatively since it was initially released.

Now how’s that for some solid facts about your favorite video game character? We bet most of you never know some of these things, or did you? Whatever your answer, be sure to expect more fun Mario history posts like this one in the future while we wait for another one of Mario’s adventures!

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