Exciting News for Mario Fans?

Nintendo seems to be back in the game recently. All the talk and hype about Nintendo’s upcoming Switch Console apparently isn’t enough for these guys so they decided to make another Mario game and presented to the rest of the world.

Now you could be thinking like “Oh no, not another “run” game”. Or perhaps you’re more optimistic towards it thinking that it could be unlike anything released so far. Unfortunately this is, from what we’ve seen just another “run” a game with an exception that it’s also a side scrolling platform, so we have a bit of mixed feelings there.

While it’s technically not another “run” game clone it certainly doesn’t look that much different to be excited about it. But let’s be fair, the game is just announced and nobody got their chance to play it so far so we could be in for a big surprise as well as for a total disaster. Why disaster? Well, if you’re a fan of Mario games like so many Nintendo players, chances are that you’re feeling Mario is getting same treatment as many games got before him. The “making it mainstream” treatment.

In our opinion, this is partially true and partially not. It’s true because it is clearly not a full Mario experience. This is an endless runner where you progress simply by touching your screen, and that’s it. But on the other hand, Mario has always been a simple platformer aimed for the masses, not a niche game for a specific kind of gamers. We really don’t have a formed opinion just yet but, to say at least we do feel like all these complains that the unreleased game is already getting are a little bit absurd at least from our point of view.

Speaking strictly off the game, without thinking too much whether it’s good or bad installment to the franchise, this will definitely differ from all the recent Mario games released in a couple of years. As previously mentioned it is a 2-D platforming sidescroller where your only objective is to keep running and collect as many points as possible. This is further enhanced with the competitive aspect of the game like “multiplayer”possibility and multiple paths to choose from which will all yield a different amount of points upon completion. We quoted multiplayer on purpose because there is no actual multiplayer game, more like ghost replays where you can see your friends on their best runs throughout the level and try to compete with them and ultimately set a better score.

Nintendo also mentioned that the game is going to be free to play to an extent and will require a one-time payment after that. No additional in game grossing methods will be present which is an breath of fresh air considering that this is a mobile game after all which heavily rely on in app purchases. It is also confirmed that the game will have a brief period of exclusivity for iOS users but will also soon be available on Android devices after the iOS exclusivity deal ends.

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