Absolutely Best Super Mario Run Cheat

Super Mario Run has been a huge success. The game is enjoyed daily by hundreds of thousands of players on their smartphones. With such a large player base comes a certain kind of requests and if you thought about cheats then you thought right. Many people are looking for easy way to get the most out of their games without actually having to play it that much. Why? We have no idea. However, we do have an idea how we might help you if you’re one of those people. We have more than an idea actually, we have an actual working Super Mario Run hack right here. This one is tested and ready to be used.


If you’re optioning for something like this you will need no further assistance. This kind of “advancement” is almost instantaneous. It is also tailored in a way that allows everybody with the most basic knowledge of any operational system to get exactly what they came there for. Even if you’re somehow unsure of what to do once you get there, our article provides in-depth explanation for all of those that simply can’t comprehend it. So yeah, knock yourself out guys it’s free for all so you might as well use it while it lasts.

But what if there’s a better way to do this?


The best way to cheat in Super Mario Run


Now would you be surprised if I told you that this is in fact not the best cheat that’s out there. In fact there’s much more simple method that you can use to get everything you need from the game without actually having to download any hack or use any generator. Don’t believe us? We can hardly blame you but here is out for a moment anyway.

The game is incredibly fun to play. Every new run is a lot of fun. The game presents you with fair and steadily increasing challenges. Replaying and aiming for a high score is also okay in our book. Furthermore the game itself has “multiplayer” so it’s longevity is pretty damn high.

So instead of looking for a way to unlock everything right here and right now, perhaps you could work your way towards your goal? You know, we’re talking about actually playing the game. Simply getting better at game could prove to be your ultimate “cheat”? Knowing that stand behind your every accomplishment in the game is a feeling like no other. You’ll just have to try and see it/feel it for yourself. So:

  • develop reflexes
  • time your jumps perfectly
  • learn the layouts of the level
  • aim higher and experiment with new combos
  • the replay all those levels until you have high scores in all of them


Now make no mistakes, where not judging anybody who is cheating. We are sure all of you have your reasons for doing that and we are not blaming you. All were trying to say is that perhaps you should try to do something yourself and work a little bit on it before submitting to the game and admitting your defeat. You never know, you might like it so why not try it!


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